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Back in my Play: Remembering and Revisiting Video Games

Jun 30, 2013

This week we revisit Shenmue, the high budget, dense open world game that pushed the Dreamcast to it's limits. Joins us as we revisit the game that gave us QTEs, forklift races, and a never ending search for sailors.

Jun 23, 2013

This week we revisit Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The episodes begins with out memories of the SNES's launch, a prerelease experience at the Nintendo Mall Tour, our first experience with the game, and of course what it was like to revisit it. We finish with some discussion on New Super...

Jun 16, 2013

This week we revisit DuckTales for the NES. From the fantastic music to the pogo stick attack, DuckTales holds a special place in our heart that makes us want to belt out, "oooOOO-Hooo" every time the title is said. We also cover the retro news that came out of the E3 conference including a new Link to the Past, Odd...

Jun 9, 2013

This week we discuss The Legend of Zelda. We begin with out earliest memories with the game, how we remember it in regards to life events, the experience of returning to the game 26 years later, and in depth discussion on why we are nostalgic.