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Back in my Play: Remembering and Revisiting Video Games

Nov 22, 2016

Chris Kohler of and author of the recently reprinted and updated book Power-Up joins Kevin to talk about retro video games in Japan, the NES Classic Edition and what it could mean for Nintendo's future, the state of retro games in the US and of course, Japanese Curry.

Nov 18, 2016

Mike Mika returns to talk about the impact of the NES Classic Edition on retro games and retro collections, treasures found in his basement, mid generation hardware upgrades, game design focuses, and much more!

Nov 4, 2016

Peter Brown joins Kevin, fresh off writing his review of the NES Classic Edition for GameSpot. How is the emulation, how is the hardware, how is the game lineup. Also we discuss what the future might bring with it's success.

Nov 2, 2016

Nick Dwyer returns to the show to talk about the continuation of "Diggin' in the Carts" on RMBA Radio, new interviews, digging deeper into Japanese video game music, and more!