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Back in my Play: Remembering and Revisiting Video Games

May 26, 2017


  • Kevin Larrabee
  • Ryan Payton
  • Michael Reilly



  • Available now for free on XBOX One and PC
  • Michael’s relationship with PD and the community
  • Ryan’s involvement with the PD re-release


Segment 1: Super Brief History


  • Release Dates
    • JP: September 23, 2004
    • NA: March 15, 2005
  • Developed by Microsoft Game Studios
  • Producer/Director: Yukio Futatsugi


  • Developed in MS attempt to cater to the Japanese audience
  • The Western release was canceled by MS as the life of the XB was coming to an end, even though the game was already translated into English during development
  • December 2004 Majesco and MS signed a deal to let Majesco publish PD in the USA
  • Received positive reviews at release with a 82 metacritic


Segment 2: PD Back in the Day


  • Personal Memories and History of PD
  • Why the game was so important
  • The community after the 360 launched (Back Compat on 360)


Segment 3: Revisiting PD/Changes to the Remaster/Protips


  • Details on the re-release
    • Native resolution, uncompressed textures and cut-scenes (16:9)
    • "It's a UWP app, so yep, it can run alongside other games." - Adam Isgreen
  • Changes made
    • Only the base 300 skills at launch, Xbox Live Rare skills to come (will be easier than 30 online wins to get one)
    • Can skip mission after failing it a 3rd time (but still get rewards)
    • All new Quick battle arsenals (by Gregory Barton, long time hardcore PD fan and community feedback)
    • MP open from the start (SP rewards flow in MP save, but MP items don’t flow to SP)
    • Free MP Starter Pack DLC (2-school arsenal case and 33 different skills from 3 schools)
  • Protips on how to best enjoy PD for newcomers
    • Play through the SP, the first 2 chapters are the tutorial and the rest of the game prepares you for the online battles by introducing the player to new skill and arsenal ideas
    • Play Quick mode (pre-constructed arsenals, re-done for the re-release) to get familiar with how online plays.
    • Visit the site. :)